I Love You


Take my heart, and dare to touch heaven with your heartbeats!
I met you. A reality called “love” was hoping, pouring, and getting ahead of what is called, time.
I wrote what happened to me in my dreams before I met you. This story will make paper shiver, and lovely flowers with golden decorations fall as I recreate so much beauty made true.
It all started without knowledge.
Someone came around and told me what is real, and the way things should be.
I had no concepts, but… Profound understandings of creation. I can’t remember consciously that wisdom, anymore. I have grown up.
A baby lives the universe in his mommy’s belly. Two cells that unite, and rapidly multiply into different states, until suddenly my name is: Narai.
I had only known: the act of true creation and love.
Sooner or later, questions began arising:
Who am I? I don’t know.
Who are they? I don’t know.
I learn to like and dislike.
I test my senses to understand who am I. I am taught that I am Narai, and skin separates me from the world.
Memories were forming. I learned behaviors, and continued asking questions…

Why do things die?
What composes dirt?
Why does water escape from my hands?
… Time passed by.
I can read, and write. I can’t see the rules of the society, but I understand the rules of “my home”. I may behave badly. I have learned others do it, and obtain something that seems good or vice versa. My character begins to develop, and those old questions begin to take shape. I may my have “self created” answers.
… Time passed by.
Shook every old belief, and started it all over again. This remembered me my birth. I had born without memories, and here I was years later, doubting everything again, testing my senses, and fabricating a new “me”.
Was I Narai?

[I knew I had been changing a lot. My state of concentration had become more stable. Things are seen differently when I control my thoughts, and admire the present moment.
I laid down to sleep.
My last thoughts were: “Life is a journey toward the heart. A place we can refuge when loneliness seems to gain strength. There are no empty spaces, when we are open places for love.”

2:00 AM 1st Dream
I was born in a strange world where children are born from trees, and elephants sing silly songs.
I was happy with the climate, almost always fresh. A smell of sugar cotton came from the rivers.
People spoke the language of love…]

The Love

The gift of love
is never ending light.

The sign of love
is endless peace.

The magic of love
is everlasting today.

The extraordinary
is understanding

…are love that
illuminates my life
bringing heaven home.
[We are called majicans, although before we were called humans.
“Why is that?” A voice asked me.
“We had great understandings as a civilization.” I answered.
“Understandings? You mean… knowledge?” The voice asked me again appearing clearer with each word he pronounced.
“What is the difference?” He asked as his face became more lit.
“Knowledge means words, therefore it is limited. Understanding means unification because we comprehend whatever arises.” I answered.
“How did humans become majicans?”
“They lost fear. Losing fear is the first step toward loving, and dissolving limits.”
“Why were they afraid?”
“I imagine there were times when they couldn’t let go. They felt certainty holding on things or ideas, so tight… They fought wars defending their psychological security.” I answered him. ]

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