I Love You


Discovering fright,
time consumes my flight,
there is no place like your spirit
to hold me tight.

Clouds are dancing
the return of your heart
to my lovely eyes.

Rainbows are playing
with our caresses,
so we can glow,
free from the clock
that seems to break
us apart.

Hold me tight,
and grasp me back.

Never leaving as love is tight,
as love is in my eyes.

[The voice’s face suddenly began to materialize in front of me. His face was so bright I could hardly see who he was, until I looked deeply into his eyes…
Those eyes remembered me of a long lost ghost. He was me. I was looking at the mirror of my memories.
How could that be possible?... Through our eyes we can detect the greatest expressions. Those eyes told me that… ]

Those eyes

Your eyes are the story
that remembers
our lifetime passage of love.

Each tear represents
the timeless events made
spiritual diamonds of hope.

Never losing, always gaining,
when there is no greater place to be
than inside your loving eyes.

[As the light of those eyes surrounded me. I began to feel as if I floated in space. All I could see was… Light.
I woke up. A lightning had just flashed through the window. I could hear water drops touching the ground. I sat, and waited. I wanted to see more light rays.
So odd, no more light, so I laid down in bed again. The water’s song was so delicate I forgot where I was.
2:20 AM 2nd Dream
My skin felt wet. I was trapped. I had almost no space to move. However, I felt calm. Safeness came with my calmness. I someone was singing a lullaby song.
“Surrender yourself by listening to life is love,” I heard. ]

In your womb

In your womb, cured I was,
plenty I felt, fulfillment reigned,
discovering what love is, I was.

Something changed.
I stopped being two,
to become one.

Who am I?
Did I really leave
that tender palace
of love?

Where are you, mommy?
I need your embrace,
once again.

Come back, and I will give you
my heartbeats as I was did,
falling asleep in your womb.

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