I Love You


The mystery unfolding,
the nature of the mind,
just beyond our eyes.

The reason we can’t see,
is not far…

We must lift in the air,
let the feather reach
the end of the road.

Tumbling, whirling,
we reach the ground:
It is a cloud.

We had thought
it was solid,
but time makes us understand,
we are feathers,
never down, tumbling,
only up, whirling.

When ground seems near,
we will know:
It was only another way
of exploring the skies.

[ It was dark, as if the night had no moon. There was a big boat sailing with a lot of people, but for a strange reason it began to sink.
I ran, and jumped into a safe place. I could see the other people trying to save themselves. Soon, they couldn’t.
I wanted to go into the deep dark waters. The others who had also saved themselves told me,” Don’t do it. If you jump into the water you will drown with the others.” ]

Deep waters

It all seems dark,
when the others
become enemies,
and the day turns

Why am I afraid of them?
Am I really afraid of myself?

Who is the person
shouting for help?
Is the one who dies,
or the one the remains
without love in their veins?
Is it all a matter of vanity?

Perhaps, it is a matter of sanity…
Who are the enemies of our heart?
Is there a place of peace?

Deep, deep waters, life is.
Water, deep, deep, is me.

I am drowning of loneliness,
and others can’t see me,
so busy in trying to become rich,
they fall in water, deep, water,
so deep it seems impossible to
life, perhaps, survive, but…

Live… Who is alive?
Please, don’t let me surrender,
let me enter the deep, deep, waters,
and surrender my fear.

Those who seem enemies,
are not different from me,
they are me, the part of myself
who criticizes,
who doesn’t
who hates,
and rejects itself.

Deep, deep, dark waters,
filling my head of fear,
tears will clean the darkness,
and blue, blue, deep skies will
fill the rainbows of water.

So, fear will float away…
So, tears will sink away…
So, I will go away…

Far, far, far, away,
into deep, deep,
clear water,
into deep, deep,
blue skies,
into deep, deep,
fantasy lands,
into deep, deep,
spiral outer-space.

So, deep, deep,
sleep will become
real, and people
will find a way
into peace,
find a way
into itself,
find a way,
into love.

[ I stood there. I didn’t move. I wanted to jump, and help them.
Fear hold me paralyzed. I couldn’t lose my fears, and identity for others.
The boat sank. As I walked away, a building formed itself instantly. All the people were asking personal questions. A woman asked me,” Do you have a child?” I can’t recall why I answered,” Yes.” As soon as I did, a child appeared behind me, and began following me.
“Lies,” I thought in my dream,” Be careful with them because they can become true.”
We left the building, and suddenly we were sitting in a rollercoaster traveling throughout the city. ]


Life understands,
but I don’t, and as I cry,
my heart rolls down
through the valley
of dreams.

The color painted by my heart
as it rolled down is
called blue memory.

Days transform beings,
it is time, my heart goes uphill,
breaking paradigms,
the color of my heart’s trail
is called sunny smile.

People told me, blue memory
and sunny smile create the
wonderful color called
evergreen life.

Is it true?
I seem to be able to do just
what my soft heart lets me so.
Is it?

I need to finish the rollercoaster,
I need to stop breathing,
and see the world with open sincere,
and creative eyes.

Will I be able to do so?
I can… I will…
‘cause I know I will die someday.

[ The alarm woke me up. It was time to get up, and return to my everyday chores. I felt guilty. I remembered so much things, but was secretly convinced they were not true.
Could I be that selfish person who was afraid of death? Would it be possible that I could never risk my life to save others? Could I be so afraid of death that I would never dare to live with fulfillment?
Could I forgive other’s faults as I would like others to forgive me or would I remain afraid all my life?
I had experienced those dreams as a reality because they invaded my mind as a memory.
Could a dream, be real somehow or somewhere?
“Never, ” a voice told me. I stood up, and listened carefully. I didn’t hear a possible source of that sound. My mind repeated the words: A dream can never be real.
I laughed. My life was the greatest dream I could ever experience. Day after day, life after life, I licked an instant of existence. I saw myself as a lollipop. ]

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