I Love You

My lost soul

You make skies yours,
you are love,
you are hate,
you are the last fate,
my lost soul,
drunken hope,
Drunken sorrow.

When the driven sorrow
connects with my drunken soul,
I remember you:
Taking steps
fantasying my sorrow,
forgiving my delusion,
fast jump into the void.

I begin the tragic memory,
you become my broken sky,
covered with sugar pain.

Sweet mortality
in my veins.

I drop the liquor,
I cry your end,
my tears can’t reach you,
under heaven I remain,
fainting in love,
falling in yesterday,
I remember you.

Broken hope,
drunken sorrow…

Made true in you.
I remember you.

[Dreams… It was only a dream. Was it?
I wished you weren’t a dream, but I knew my past was not real anymore. It was as good as a dream. You became it. You are not a part of my present.
You crossed through my life as the wind caresses my face. Will I be able to love again? Will I be able to find the love I seem to live only in dreams ? ]


Upset, panicked,
there is no place to hide,
there is no silence,
there is only delirium
inside my head.

Talking, crying,
the sunrise is hiding,
the flowers are showering,
the rainbow is sleeping…
‘cause delirium
is taking over myself.

Where am I going now?
How can I walk,
if there is no place to rest?

Delirium becomes the destination,
and our sweet distraction,
and last condemnation
of the prisoner.

Life, a panicked intruder,
time, an upset sergeant,
love, the destination…

It is never the boring, not the fun,
it is the lived.
It is never the destination, nor the source,
it is the existing.
It is never the wrong, nor the right,
it is the loved.

It is…
You, the greatest delirium
I can live.
You, the greatest love
I can be.

[ I stood up. I heard noises on the kitchen. I ran downstairs, and found out there was no one there.
I heard another noise coming from the living room. I ran, and I saw no one.
The television turned on, and there you were. You said,” You shouldn’t have loved me this way. You wanted your freedom. You need to discover who are you. You need to let me go.”
It frightened me more to see you there, than a television turning on by itself.
It was so bizarre. We had been up and down almost everywhere, but you chose that way.
You stayed where I thought you were the safest: In my memories. I was wrong. ]


The places I call heaven,
are the hell of others.
The places I call hell,
are the wings of others.
The places I call liberty,
are the chains of others.
The places I call love,
are the liberty of others.

Where does heaven

In the places
where I tend to be?
In the heart
where I tend to be

How does heaven
call me?
A place or others,
please, let me be,

Who is heaven?
Where am I?
Is there someplace
to hide?

I want to be left…
I want to be a star,
left alone with
the heart that beats
your believed name:

[ The fragrance of my memories was continuous, but what I remembered could be distorted.
It could have been a dream.
Suddenly, I heard a crash. My body got entangled as a rush of raged wind entered the house.
The force took me into its arms, and I flew into the open sky surrounded of… ]

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