I Love You

[Yes, fears. Fear is the motive people hate, treat inhumanly, are not generous, and are so full of in need of money, power and fame. Fear is so subtle… Humans believe they are fearless, but are really too afraid to confront themselves that they prefer to live in nightmares.
How is all this possible? I felt a sudden stroke of coldness. I jumped into a type of black hole where thousands of images were being presented, and a song… Called Imagine invaded my spirit. ]


I can imagine.
I can be…
free from myself.

I can’t imagine living
as a lonely…
as a lost…
as an empty…
soul of raining days.

If I can’t imagine living that way
…could I love you?
…could I give you?
…could I forgive me?
I can’t imagine dying
as a selfish…
as a mirror…
as a dead end…
if I can still love.

If I can imagine being everlasting alive
…could I be yours?
…could you be mine?
…could we be one?
‘cause I can imagine
there is eternity
in our love.

I can imagine a better world
if I can imagine a better me.

[ I woke up with a bizarre comfort of realizing something or someone loved me so much I couldn't understand in my daily life it was possible. If I could love that way... Could I be truly happy? I knew silently the answer. However, I felt the fear of losing myself in such greatness.
Something changed deeply inside of my unconscious mind. I realized unconditional love will make us become alive as a greatly evolved humanity.
I took a pen, and began writing bits of my memories. I got sleepy again... Didn't finish writing the dream.]


Close your eyes,
so you can feel
your heart beating…

Close your tears,
so you can feel
your breath…

Close your fears,
so you can feel
your freedom…

Close your eyes,
so you can open
your surroundings,
the path toward
your heart, heaven.

[I got sleepy again.
4:42 AM 3rd Dream

Becoming heaven by dying the fear of losing whatever we think we have. Things come and go, so letting go is the ignition for loving it all.
I was outside of my house. I saw strings of clouds moving very fast upwards and downwards. I concentrated on my finger, and pointed to a cloud.
I was pulling the cloud toward me. It got closer and closer until I touched it. When I did, I felt an electric current enter my body. I was awake, seeing small multicolor spots in the darkness, and every part of me tingling. Why did I fear such experience? ]

The ribbon

I met your embrace,
and I felt so secure,
time became a river
washing my fears away.

Love is a gracious ribbon
that unfolds the consciousness
we enjoy.

It would be blind…
to see the ribbon, but not the color,
to see the color, but not the river
that is pouring …
light into our souls,
truth to our spirit,
delight to our sun.

‘Cause there…
can’t be water without sun,
can’t be white without gray,
can’t be moon without stars,
but what has been none is love,
the ribbon that unfolds it all.

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