[“Don’t go there,” They shouted.
“Why?” She asked.
“Those who try to bring an item back, fail on their attempt,” said a boy that had a funny penguin colored hat.
“Is there a curse?”
“We don’t know. They never come back,” said another tall boy running toward a girl who wore memories on her body ,called scars of life, and old times, called tattoos.
“I must go,” she told the group as she ran away. ]


Stop the fear!

We cannot live,
pretend to be free,
when we cannot bear
our nightmares.

{…As long as we are afraid of ourselves, we cannot fly to faraway lands. The only way to reach heaven is by creating it inside us. }

Night our mind,
Mare those who don’t dare,
pretending to be free,
when they cannot bear
being truly kind
to themselves.

{…To be kind to others is to be kind to us. Our surroundings change as we change. Life is a reflection of our being. What becomes of the apple as I digest it? Does it become me or do I become part apple? Perhaps, none of those?}

Them our life,
Selves our love,
pretending to be free
when we cannot be
what we really are
love in racial suits
searching for peace.

[Her path was determined by a tall stone wall, so she couldn’t lose it. No one was near. Few people dared to walk near that house. Some resemble that place as their greatest fear, the one of recognizing the possibility that everything we think and imagine is possible and therefore being created constantly by us. She reached the house at the top of the hill. It was an old building built as a ward where people stored old dresses. They would be repaired and then kept in a perfect state.
Who repaired them if no one dared to go near?
Her mother had left her a ticket with the number 7755. She had to exchange it.
She got there. She saw no guard, so she sneaked into the place.
It began… They were waiting for her.]


You lament the past,
when you endure
your name.

I was…

{… It is your memories, but is it you? Do your memories produce your tears or is it your reality? }

Yesterday ends
unless we regret
and live trapped
in memories
‘til death.

You are…

{… What we remember is important as our body is to us, but to be free from memories is essential to be unbounded from the body. }

We knew you
before your birth.

You carried a star
that sparked as
we entered your life.

{…Where is love? What is love when you love? Where is your love? What is life before you are born? Could we be the act of love, and not the lovers?}

Transforming universe,
was your reflection;
so you could exchange time
for breaths manifesting

{…We have the opportunity to change the universe by changing ourselves. Do we want to live the mirror of the world or do we want live and be it? }

I will never end
as the present
manifests in me.

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