I became her.

I never understood
who I was,
until I left myself.

{… }

It was in a dream,
that I found how
my body was woven
in silver and gray,
colors had left me
when I forgot love
was my motive
and eternal voice.

{… }

Colors are in me I saw
when the past I left,
when the present I embraced,
when the future I was
by becoming her through
my eyes of heart fire.

[Her head hurt. She was lying on the ground. She wore an Victorian white dress, and barely could breathe. “Help!” She cried out loud.
Some time passed by, until she heard a laugh.
“What are you doing here, Sash?” A male voice asked.
“I don’t know.” She answered with a distressed voice.
“You should go to the event. They are waiting for you.”
“Your wedding!” He exclaimed. She kept quiet, so he continued,” Don’t tell me you will leave Henry without a wife?”
“Who are you?”
“Are you sick? You must go. They will kill you if you don’t. I will take you back. Your dress is made a mess.” He told her as he tried to help her lift up.
“Why are you helping me?”
“I am still in love with you.”
“Is that the reason you take me back to the wedding?”
“There is only real love when freedom weights more than solitude.” he said.]


Fly with your dreams
by absorbing life
through love.

{… }

yourself with
the lovely flowers
that fall from heaven
to make us free.

{… }

How can I
let you go?
How can I
find you in me?

{… }

How can I
love you
without fear?
How can we tear
sadness apart?

{… }

with the sound of earth
that transforms
each second into
the never ending state.

{… }

Why do we forget
who we are?

Love me, love you,
love us….

{… }

I want to lose fear,
and love you,
really love you
at last.

[They were walking back in silence until she asked him.” Did I tell you I loved him?”
“Not really, but you told me you had to marry him. Why are you acting with me as if you have forgotten everything?”
“I really don’t remember who I am to you.” she said.
“What do you mean with that?” He said asked.
“I am not Sash. My name is Ity.”
“Stop joking around. We are almost there.]

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