I Love You


Hard, but inconsistent.
Sweet, but multi-layered.
It is me trying to understand
why do I begin with a smile,
frown my eyebrows
through the day,
and end with a kiss.

Soft, but consistent.
Sour, but colored.
It is me trying to unveil
how does my heart beat.

Pumping blood,
only a window left,
my reflection I see,
it is not mine:
It is a lollipop,
becoming old.
Did I enjoy it?
Did it enjoy me?

Dear Lollipop,
am I just a lost soul
or are you a ghost?

The wind touches my center,
it has reached the bone,
death is just a state,
but the candy is enjoying
its new home:
my jolly body.

[ Those dreams had changed my life. I may not remember them in the future, but the essence will remain.
It can only be an instant, a really intense one, the one that can change your own perceptions, and understanding of life forever.
I knew you would leave without me, so I forgot my stubborn pride. I dressed up, and ran to your house. I rang the bell several times, but no one answered.
Perhaps, you had already left or… Oh my! There you were.
You smiled, and I was paralyzed. I stood there, and said,” I understood something. I want to share it with you, please forgive me.” ]


The first one I should forgive
is myself.

The first one I should accept
is myself.

The first one I should love
is myself.

How can I distinguish
love from egoism?

The one that loves is happy.
The one that loves is fulfilled.
The one that loves feels alive.

If you feel life is real,
then you are dreaming.

When life’s dramas
become feathers in our arms,
when life’s burdens
become light in our eyes,
when life’s tears
become the nectar of birds,
when life’s breath
becomes joy,
you are living.

‘Cause life is a dream worth living,
when you know you are dreaming.

‘Cause life is a reality worth crossing,
when you know you are alive.

‘Cause life is a path worth traveling,
when you are loving.

[ You hugged me. You knew it already.
I felt how I inhaled the universe through my lungs.
Your same particles of oxygen entered my heart, and when they reached my brain it all became light.
This was not a dream. Was it? Who could know? Me? I love this dream.
I love you. ]


We are the rainbow;
colors expressing
our different spaces,
our abstract changes,
and absurd faces.

In such inequity,
unity is found,
through prism eyes,
creating one out of ten,
creating heaven out of seven,
creating you out of white light,
so rainbow drops
make us feel unique,
an explosion of life.

My dearest love,

I awaited you, until I thought there was no one who could understand me. I saw myself in a deep dark room, no light, just fear. It was the kind of fear we don’t realize it is there because scientific theories, mathematical explanations or life experiences tell us so.
I didn’t understand that fear made me become irritated, and angry with myself. I pushed others away. No one wanted to be near me. Of course, some people had to be near me: Some for monetary reasons , others I think they really love me, and others just were hypocrites.
Before I met you, I was sure: You didn’t exist. You, my dearest and greatest love was a hoax. No matter what, I was convinced I was right. That assurance is the kind of security we most hang on through life. I was lying myself, but lived as if everything was going on smoothly.
Someplace, inside my confused life I asked myself: Does true, deep, uninterested love exist? How can I love beyond time? Is love controlled by physics, therefore by time?
In a dream, it all began. I understood it was me who I needed to be loved purely. Can it be possible?
To love myself… by loving you. To love you… by loving myself.
In a dream I could, therefore in reality I can. This is a dream. In reality I could, therefore in dreams I can. This is real.
I love you.

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