I Love You


A paper rose grew on my room,
it painted a smile each time
I filled my lungs with love.

It said I needed to open my chest,
so I could let in the butterfly brushes
full of rainbow colors.

It is said they can paint
a new dream each time
heartbeats become slow.

“Don’t be sad;
I will be born again each time
love is watered on earth,”
told me the paper rose.

[ I saw the clock. It was 5 a.m. I was thirsty, so I went to the kitchen. The cat was sleeping on its bed. I took a glass of water, and drank it.
It had been a strange night. I wanted to speak with you. I went to my room, and opened the laptop. I wanted so badly to see you online… that there you were.
Had you slept? I called you. You didn’t answer. My eyes were so heavy I felt I needed to lay my head on the table. I did, and fell asleep.
5:30 a.m. 4th Dream
As I flew through strange countries, I understood we were the same covered of different paradigms. Those limits are creating distinctions that are not real if we understand the magnitude of our atoms. ]


Purple stars
make me cry.
Yellow skies
make me fly.

Where is my color?
Where will I fly?

Pink is my heartbeat
when I fly.
Blue is my feather coat
when I cry.

Why am I colored?
Why do I cry?

My colorful sight
told me to be bright,
and so I did,
loving the rainbow I was.

[ In such abstraction, I believe I understood the fourth dimension: time.
It began like this: I entered a thousand images full of sound, and then billons of them. Until, concepts vanished, and energy remained.
Could it be the same kind of energy we seem to measure? No. It was something different, totally absorbing, beautiful.
I could see you, but at the same time you were not who I had thought you were. You weren’t a memory, but the most beautiful everything I could understand. ]


I created you before
I had seen who you were.

I distinguished your skin
from afar, and imagined
the greatest love story ever told.

Walking through velvet streets,
you were.

I ran toward your embrace,
but you were not there,
vanishing in the air.

Who I now thought
was imagination had
made me human.

My skin cried a future
as time washed my tears away.

Running through diamond skies,
you were.

I ran, and kissed your face.

Imagination became real
as time washed the seconds
way letting my heart become you,
my beautiful.

[Immersed, but free. Embraced, but alone. Serene, but ecstatic.
Harsh heartbeats.
I opened my eyes. I was in bed. Light was touching my face. That could have been the reason I dreamt being energy. It had been the craziest night of my life.
How could I return to such love? How could I be who I felt I was? Why on an every day basis I become a lost soul? I don’t want to alone, anymore. How can I stop it? How can I return home?]

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