I Love You

[Nice, warm, and embracing love was all I knew. My state of perfection was constantly being there, present and alive.
Suddenly, everything changed. I felt how my body began to get pressed against something, then coldness, and a rush of air entered through my lungs.
I asked myself: “What does it mean to be alive?”
My mother answered without using words, she embraced me, and gave herself to me.
She loved me without conditions It didn’t matter who I was or what I would be. She simply loved me. ]


Sparkling stars, beautiful skies
falling into my throbbing love
as we breathe life in hope.

Am I alive?
I am still waiting for
those kisses made of
melting chocolate dreams.

He who told me there was time to spend,
did he tell me there was no time to buy?

Forget those who tell,
because in heaven
we are swimming when
we plunge into life’s embrace.

Not with words,
but in sweet dreams
of sugar love,
beyond death.

[ I escaped from the arms of my mother, and wings grew at my back. I saw an open window, and glided with birds.
I felt how I left the earth, and saw the planet from afar. I was moving faster and faster until I reached the moon.
I stopped. I was perplexed with such beauty.]
I flew into the arms of liberty,
open space was inviting me to dance
around the first moon I could see.

Suddenly, time crashed with space,
and I exploded as a never-ending star
sparkling through black pitch.

[ It was the beauty of time travel. I could see all the instants of existence in just a glimpse. Imagine that! Time and space colliding.
There is still no scientific concept because humans haven’t realized there is not just one universe, but infinite universes folded in infinite dimensions.
Time travel is possible, and there is no need of worrying with paradoxes. The entire creation contemplated time travel.
There are no limits, just possibilities. We are the ones who limit ourselves with our fears… ]


Extraordinary simplicity,
an extravagant smile,
a delicious tall tale,
and the hope of freedom:
Those are tears of humans beings,
those creatures whose nobility
creates peace and wealth.

Wealth, being surrounded of fulfillment,
peace, total understanding of being,
wealth, irradiating smiles and laughter,
peace, kissing the beauty irradiated.

Extravagant infinity,
the simplicity of the instant,
the extraordinary existence
of being just present to admire,
and then, love who we truly are.

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